How To Bring Golf Cart Batteries Back To Life

 How to Revive Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries deteriorate with age, this is caused by a sulphate build up on the lead plates inside the batteries, this sulphation process slowly reduces the working life of the batteries until the batteries finally die. A device has been developed and patented that dissolves the sulphate crystals that have built up on the plates and converts it back to sulphuric acid. It will bring your old golf cart batteries back to life, and restore them to a good working condition. The device comes in 36 volt and 48 volt models and can be mounted permanently on the golf cart, it will revive the batteries and increase the life of the batteries by up to 3 times. This device has been tried and proven to work and comes with a money back guarantee.
So if you are having problems with your golf cart batteries and wondering "how to bring golf cart batteries back to life and restore them to their original condition" or simply want to increase the life by up to three times the Battery Reviver is the answer, powered by the batteries them selves, it does not rely on 240 volt power, you simply connect the Battery Reviver to the positive and negative terminals of the battery bank and the Battery Reviver does the rest. It sends a high frequency, square wave pulse through the batteries restoring them to their original condition.
It's a battery life saver.
The Battery Reviver is now available in Australia, for more information, pricing and to order go to the web site